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Since our founding in 2000, we have provided grants for more than 68 students.

Some grants gave the applicant an opportunity to enroll in a one-time career-advancing course. Other recipients applied for—and were granted—funds to contribute toward tuition every semester of college.

We are thrilled to share a dozen of their stories with you here. Along with their families, we are so proud of their accomplishments.

Student success Aiya Almzayen

Aiya Almzayen

Having come to the U.S. at age 15 as a refugee with no English, she graduated college with a double major and plans to become an attorney.
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Student success Deryan Barker

Deryan Barker

Although he’d been accepted to several law schools, he did not have the financial resources to attend until connecting to The Scholarship Fund. He has since opened his own law firm.
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Student success Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke

Served as Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations for the World Evangelical Alliance, co-founder of Seek the Peace.
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Student success Ryan Lake

Ryan Lake

Coping with a lifelong medical condition, he did not see any way he could make it through college. With help from The Scholarship Fund, he is now living his dream as director of music.
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Student success Richard Lavallais

Richard Lavallais

A lack of financial resources almost kept him from finishing college. Now he serves in the Office of Naval Research as a systems engineer and technical analyst.  
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Student success Benjamin Ramirez

Benjamin Ramirez

Early into sobriety after twenty years of serious addiction, he knew education was his answer. With help from The Scholarship Fund, he now has a full-time job and an associate’s degree.
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Studen success Aaron Rankin

Aaron Rankin

He is the first person in his family to earn a college degree. With our financial help and his own hard work, he now has a career as an environmental health and safety specialist.
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Student success Irma Pacheco

Irma Pacheco

She is the first person in her family to graduate high school and, with help from The Scholarship Fund, the first to attend college. Now she is certified in Microsoft Office.
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Student success Alicia Robinson

Alicia Robinson

She says it does take a village to raise a child, and The Scholarship Fund was certainly part of her village. Now she’s earned her doctorate in education.
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Student success Cindy Rosales

Cindy Rosales

She says The Scholarship Fund not only provided her with financial support, but also with a mentor who helped her reach her goals. She is now a staffing specialist in human resources.
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Student success Shoniece Wallace

Shoniece Wallace

She found her true calling later in life. With help from The Scholarship Fund, she is now an EMT and completing her paramedic training. 
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Student success Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson

She knew she needed an education to provide the best possible life for her son but did not have the resources. Today, she is a licensed nursing home administrator.
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